Tuesday, June 27, 2017

just a heads up .

Okay, so my dream for this blog was to use it for me, for a journal, for writing down my prayers & God moments . I can easily say I have failed to do so .. I have fallen into the trap of

How does my blog look
How does it compare to other blogs

What do others think about my blog – is it worth reading

I was doing this for you ; not for me . which was NOT my dream . and I noticed how I dreaded blogging & it actually made me more stressed because I cared too much about how it looked and putting stuff in that regular bloggers would blog & not what I really wanted..

So things are about to change. Its gonna be less pretty & well um.. more me ..

I am going to stop caring about how it looks and whether or not people read it .

I want to share what God is doing in my life so I hope you will follow along – but this will NOT be your regular blog .


What will this blog be then?

This blog will be truth. It will be vulnerability, it will be ugly, raw, and simple

But it will also be joyous and there will be stories of  overcoming & breaking through bondage. It will also be full of what God is doing in my life – we call them “God moments”
so I hope you follow along & even join in with me, comment your stories & what God is doing in your life so we can share truth, strength and encouragement!

love you all

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